5 de septiembre de 2013


Go back to the point where nothing really mattered.
Be alone in my head
instead of feeling lonely in the world.
There's nothing but choice to desire,
nothing but the wind to hear.
So given the chance, soar, be born again
re-build every little detail just to feel a bit of a change
feel the cold, feel the warmth,
feel the overfilled space surrounding my sleep
to wake up ignited, green-eyed
even in the middle of the nowhere I'll always become
when I remember where my life is.
And so when everything is taken
I'll finally remain, quiet,
only waiting for time to stop
lying to himself
making fun of our grieves with his passing
leaving us frozen
and forgetting we made him up
and we waste him
and we die.


Si no versara la realidad sobre la reconstrucción la idea y la escencia; Si no existiésemos por fuera de nuestra autoconciencia nuestra p...